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About Me

The Superhuman Creatrix

Magick Welder. Stargate Portal Traveller & Guide. Vocal Technologist. Galactic & Inner Earth Entourage Uniter. Lemurian Priestess. Oracle of Higher Consciousness for the New Age of Aquarius.

Why You Should Join Me

Welcome, to the Joy Rachelle Official Community. 

 I am so excited you are here *insert squeal *, this is a sacred container where we can gather to connect to your soul's purpose, your divine soul destiny and to awaken the magick you hold within your cellular memory just waiting to be WOKE up. 

I AM a oracle / channel of unprecedented spiritual ascension information from a Council of future Galactic beings.  I AM my very own Stargate Vortex, philosopher, Creatrix, High Priestess of Lemuria leading the way into the new paradigm of the Age of Aquarius, awakening and activating light warriors across the globe.  

This group may be for you if: 

* you know some of the 'older' spiritual teacher teachings just don't jive with you anymore... 

* You feel a longing in your soul that you are missing something.  

* You may have an innate knowing that you are here on Planet Earth for a reason and you're trying to figure it out.   

* You know you are here on this earth to make a difference, but feeling like your not sure what your life purpose is, what your here to do... 

* You have been on the spiritual journey, learning modality after modality and are still trying to figure out what the heck your suppose to do! 

You found it, and don't know why! (follow that soul nudge)  you are a mystic, healer, woo woo, lemurian sister, lemurian brother, starseed, weirdo DESIRING MORE OUT OF LIFE and making a conscious choice to be the best version of yourself 

MY mission is to 

1. connect you to your soul purpose by helping you rediscover and reclaim your unique magick within, and step into your purpose of being a Galactic StarLight Warrior  Rebel

2. Provide new unprecedented ascension information as we enter the New Paradigm and Age of Aquarius as an oracle, channel and energetic Vortex for the Council of Intergalactic Stargate Portals (name known for now) 

The rules of this group include 

📌no spamming 

📌no advertising yours or your friends paid programs, stores, live streams or events, charity posts for others, no sharing posts 

📌Hateful comments will be deleted and members who do not comply with rules can be removed without notice  

About your host:

 Joy Rachelle is a Transformational Healer and Activation Priestess who empowers women to rewrite their limiting stories, alchemizing their trauma into their power and sovereignty with her natural intuitive insights and gifts, angelic channelling, and potent magickal healing. 

Her work is extremely potent and life-changing.  She works in the realms of the mystic in the ancient lands and rememberings of her past lives in Lemuria (and Atlantis, Ancient Egypt), incorporating healing activations, ancient lemurian flower essences, and sound healing. 

She also uses her potent shamanic energy healing, and connection with Spirit in her healing work.

She uses her vocal technology to activate, heal and clear LIFETIMES of trauma, one of the vocal technologies Joy channels is from her parallel life self who is a citizen of Inner Earth. To find out more about these Inner Earth Enchantments visit: www.innerearthhyperjumpto5d.com and sign up for the 8 micro enchantments PDF in the POP-UP as you enter the site. 

main website: www.joyrachelle.com 

follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/joy_rachelle 

interested in working with Joy and exploring her offerings? She does work one on one with a limited number of clients. To see if your a fit Request to Book a Soul Technology Chat with Joy here: www.joyrachelle.com/soulchat   

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining my community. It fills my heart and my spiritual team with so much JOY and GRATITUDE . You and I are the Galactic Starlight Warrior Rebels meant to create HUGE impact on this Planet and help create a Interplanetary Existence. Please share this community with others, so that we may spread the channeled messages and insights unto others, and pave the way for ushering in the Golden Age.   

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